Neon Kisses Influencer Rep

Neon Kisses Influencer Rep

Regular price $ 75

If you’re interested in beginning a career as an influencer, earn commission while looking cute or just want to participate in this movement now is the time.

If you subscribe as an influencer you will receive your first shipment from us within 30 days. Total cost for subscription is $75. You will be billed $75 every 60 days. You will receive your first shipment containing your product to promote and sell within 30 days of signup. When you receive that shipment it’ll contain Neon Kisses merchandise and a unique discount code you should share with friends, family or social media followers. If friends, family or social media followers use your link to purchase the product you post they'll receive a discount and you'll receive a commission of the purchase/money they spent.

You will continue to receive merchandise and discount codes as long as you are an influencer, as well as reports and commission payouts via PayPal or check.

Some the items that you will receive will be but not limited to clothing, so its important to choose a size that you prefer to receive.