Colorful clothes enhance good mood and happiness

Colorful clothes enhance good mood and happiness

by Kathy Gardner on Jul 24, 2017

When you hear the word fashion, what comes to mind? Women and clothing. Fashion refers to individual and continuous trend and style and the kind and type of clothing that we wear. It’s what makes us feel good and happy with ourselves. The clothing that we see on the big screen, on ads, in stores, and the models that we see in magazines. Have you ever noticed how the colors you, women wear can affect your mood? If you wear dark colors, such as black, burgundy, gray, or brown suddenly you might find yourself feeling sad, angry or just plain lazy. 


Now, try wearing colorful and vibrant clothing such as bright canary yellow, bright orange, apple green, hot pink, or turquoise, and see how your mood totally changes and how the people around you notice your change in attitude. Are you women, tired of wearing the same lifeless and dull colors? Liven up your closet and your children’s clothing with bright and colorful fashion wear that will bring you happiness. This summer change up your children’s clothing with beautiful and colorful fashion wear with neon kisses. 


Spread your happiness with the latest fashion trend and beautiful fluorescent colors. Add some colorful fashion to your closet with stylish hot pink hair bows, or some high-top canvas bright yellow shoes with vector patterns, or how about some neon green leggings with bright orange polka dots. Add some spunk and fashion with an artsy bright colored jumper dress, or a fun pop-up graffiti art sequin dress. Or are you looking for a fashionable trendy tote bag with some spunk and print? Or how about a hoodie with some zigzags, stripes and polka dots full of colorful graphics and art, or add a colorful coat for fall or winter season that will boost your mood on those cold gloomy days.  Add some color to your clothing and watch your mood boost with Neon Kisses.

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